"Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world."

How does my donation help?

100% of your donation goes to programs, and 100% of your donation stays local, helping people you know

1 out of 5 third graders in Utah County doesn't read well enough to succeed in school. Reading at home is a proven way to improve literacy.


If you give $5/paycheck,  you'll provide 28 books to families who otherwise couldn't afford books, through programs like EveryDay Learners and Sub for Santa. Read more about literacy...

About 14% of Utah County families live in poverty. We can build self-reliance in families while helping them meet their basic needs.


If you give $25/paycheck,  you'll provide free tax help for 89 families through programs like VITA and Centro Hispano. Tax assistance is one of the most proven ways to beat poverty. Read more about taxes and poverty...

Stress, anxiety and depression in children are on the rise in Utah County, and it's happening to younger and younger children.


If you give $50/paycheck,  you'll provide emotional support and therapy for 11 at-risk children, through programs like Family Support and Treatment Center and Big Brothers Big Sisters

For those who donate over $50 and make a matching gifts request, please send the request form to donorrelations@unitedwayuc.org to be completed.