"Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world."

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Highlighting United Way's EveryDay Strong

A new approach to anxiety and depression

We are on a mission to help build resilient kids and strong communities.

Interested in learning more? Please visit everydaystrong.org

A message from our CEO

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"United Way of Utah County is fortunate to have such a great board. We appreciate your willingness to share your time, talents, and resources with us. Your giving spirit does make a difference in our community." - Bill Hulterstrom, President & CEO United Way of Utah County

A message from our Board Chair

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"Jon and I support and give to United Way because we truly stand behind what they stand for: improving lives in our community. Sharing our time and resources to support programs like Help Me Grow, EveryDay Learners, and EveryDay Strong helps us to understand our community's needs and that we can make a difference." - Janae Moss, RBM Building Maintenance

A message from our Resource Development Chair


"We support the United Way campaign as it gives our work force the chance to contribute and to support a variety of grass roots, local community programs.  Whatever a person is passionate about, United Way has something to offer as a way to truly make a difference.  A difference in the lives of people, in the local community and to add purpose to what Revere Health is all about, helping people to live better lives." Scott Barlow, CEO Revere Health

How does my donation help?

100% of your donation goes to programs, and 100% of your donation stays local, helping people you know

1 out of 5 third graders in Utah County doesn't read well enough to succeed in school. Reading at home is a proven way to improve literacy.


If you give $25, you can provide 5 books to build a children's personal libraries who otherwise couldn't afford books, record 20 inmates reading a bedtime story to their child, OR 1 set of textbooks to teach an illiterate adult to read.


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About 14% of Utah County families live in poverty. We can build self-reliance in families while helping them meet their basic needs.


If you give $50,  you'll provide 50 meals to a family of four, help 25 people find resources with our 2-1-1 hotline, OR 5 tax preparations for a low-income family. 


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Stress, anxiety and depression in children are on the rise in Utah County, and it's happening to younger and younger children.


If you give $100,  you'll provide 8 screenings to children for developmental delays, 3 phone calls to the suicide/crisis line, OR 1 play therapy session for a child recovering from abuse.

Read more about anxiety and depression...

Gifts to United Way of Utah County of any size are welcome and are tax-deductible according to IRS regulations.

Note: If you have designated your gift to a charity or partner agency in a previous United Way Campaign, and would like to continue giving to that charity, you will need to re-designate your gift every year