"Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world."


How does my donation help?

100% of your donation goes to programs, and 100% of your donation stays local, helping people you know

Donations to EveryDay Learners support children like Adia, who participates in United Way’s South Franklin Community Center after school reading club, music lessons, and more.

Donations to EveryDay Support help our neighbors find rent, food, and healthcare assistance

Donations to EveryDay Strong provide Resilience Training and materials to help children feel safe, connected, and confident. 

EveryDay Learners
- Early Eduation
EveryDay Support
- Finacial Stability
EveryDay Strong
- Social & Emotional Health

Note: The amount deducted for your payroll donation will continue until you notify your employer you would like to change or cancel. If you would like to direct your payroll deduction donation to a specific nonprofit, you must fill out the form every year to restate where you would like your donation to go, otherwise your payroll deduction will be directed to the United Way Community Fund the following year.